a summing up…

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a summing up…
“Clinton belatedly attempted to distance herself from these trade deals, but her altered position, given her past stances, was not credible.”

For some stupids, there is no bottom, Dred Scott

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Also known as “No one ever made a mistake leaving Kansas.”

It takes people calling themselves communists to control criminal capitalists

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Foreign Executives Arrested in China: Please Do NOT Look Away


The single-most important part of a contract is the dispute resolution clause. It’s the Constitution of the deal.

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China Contracts: Dispute Resolution Clauses

Misery made by Clinton II, Libyan state disappears, anarchy and squalor return… the West has nothing to offer.

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mixed good with the bad, TPP suspended

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Accomplice before the fact to war crimes

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How the Academy facilitates imperial wars and brags about it.

The US Marines, Army and Navy have all hired him to develop training programs for decision-making. In fact, he was one of the leaders of the team that redesigned the White House Situation Room.


more of the email from UCLA


Welcome to the Barking Up The Wrong Tree weekly update for November 13th, 2016.

This Is How To Master Your Intuition: 4 Research-Backed Secrets

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You’re really good at what you do and you’ve been doing it a long time. You’ve got a hunch about this big problem you’re facing…

Should you trust it? All those smarty-pants books (and smarty-pants blogs, for that matter) are telling you to be rational. Use this or that fancy logical system. Or a framework developed by the really smart professor at the prestigious University of Wherever.

But your Spidey-Sense is tingling. There’s a disturbance in The Force. This hunch just feels right… Should you trust your intuition? Or when should you trust your intuition? (And, um, what is intuition anyway?)

Gary Klein decided to study the subject. And not just in some sterile lab with a bunch of 19-year-olds for subjects. For 30 years he’s looked at intuition as it was used in real-life difficult situations by everyone from firefighters to chess masters.

He’s the author of a number of books on the subject, including The Power of Intuition: How to Use Your Gut Feelings to Make Better Decisions at Work and Streetlights and Shadows: Searching for the Keys to Adaptive Decision Making.

And some wonder why Clinton lost…

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Dump the Electoral College, dump the way senators are elected.

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n electoral feature that fails to implement what the public wants is dangerous. The Electoral College is one. The manner of electing Senators another…

CA 39,144,818
TX 27,469,114
FL 20,271,272
NY 19,795,791
IL 12,859,995
about: 118 Million of 320M about 36% get 10 senators

WY 586,107
VT 626,042
AK 738,432
ND 756,927
SD 858,469
about: 3.3 million of 320 about 1% get 10 senators.

See why it isn’t a democracy, merely a republic? See why nothing gets done except endless war?

Dump the “Electoral College”, then dump how Senators are elected, let’s have a democracy rather than a masquerade.

Those who control politics in small population states have inordinate power and are abusing it.

Maxfield doesn’t actually know anything and seems to be a mere propagandist for war ala Rosenberg

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