The moral and ethical blindness is flabbergasting…

September 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

“It is a truism to state that the long and tortuous war in Vietnam profoundly wounded the United States. It shattered one administration, triggered the greatest national wave of protests since the Civil War, profoundly demoralized the American military establishment, and left behind what some called a “Vietnam syndrome,” others a “paradigm,” that nearly two decades later threatened to cripple any attempt to halt Saddam Hussein’s aggression in the Gulf. Central to this notion was the idea that Vietnam had demonstrated the futility of military action; as Joshua Muravchik has written, the Vietnam paradigm”

US Airpower Vietnam: Misuse Generates Misunderstanding


What was the effect of USG actions in Southeast Asia/Middle East?

To prevent the peaceful development of a potentially prosperous area under the control of its population.

By any measure, the USG has been successful in achieving these political economic goals. The same goals are/were/will be in play in Latin America and Africa.

Hussein’s “aggression” was encouraged and supported by the USG up to a point. Only when he slipped the leash was he exterminated.


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