Typical Agent of Empire and, I suggest, war criminal, and poor “would-be scholar”

September 7, 2016 § Leave a comment


The crimes are all associated with wars of aggression inherent in “the Reagan” policy mentioned here.

During the Reagan administration, Pillsbury was the Assistant Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Planning and responsible for implementation of the program of covert aid known as the Reagan Doctrine. In 1975–76, while an analyst at the RAND Corporation, Pillsbury published articles in Foreign Policy and International Security recommending that the United States establish intelligence and military ties with China. The proposal, publicly commended by Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, and James Schlesinger, later became US policy during the Carter and Reagan administrations.

You can judge someone by their “friends”. Kissinger may be the most evil man alive. Surely there’s competition but in terms of being able to actualize his evil Kissinger wins.

4 million dead in Vietnam [not all his but you can’t be responsible for everything.



and on

and on

and on.

Pillsbury’s scholarship has been questioned by Washington Monthly assistant editor Soyoung Ho, in his article “Panda Slugger, the dubious scholarship of Michael Pillsbury, the China hawk with Rumsfeld’s ear”, published in the July/August issue in 2006.[17]

In a review of Pillsbury’s The Hundred-Year Marathon, UC San Diego professor Jude Blanchette found the book to be “filled with unverified claims, shoddy footnoting, and conceptual blunders.” Blanchette noted that, despite the author’s frequent assertions of his proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, the book drew heavily on unreliable English-language translations or summaries of key Chinese-language sources.[18]

His employment at the Hudson Institute settles the matter for me for all practical purposes.

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