But Drezner’s a shill for sending US taxpayer money to israel which has enough already.

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The March to a Clinton II War has begun

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The Hillary Clinton Presidency has Already Begun as Lame Ducks Promote Her War

Where there is no exchange of value, it is simple corruption and thieving

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Pavlovian, yes..

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Modern Education is Pavlovian Conditioning


Ask the question the other way around as the USG has a record of war crimes beginning with Vietnam….

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But the guy seems to be a USG shill.

Is the US-Russia Pact in Syria Barred by International Law?

“[voting for] the lesser evil paves the way for the greater evil.”

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I can’t disagree.

Trump is the Symptom, Clinton is the Disease

USG assassinated this one..

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Socialist Parties in the US… good, good…

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Beyond Bernie: The Hidden Potential of Progressive Third Parties

The Daily Kos, shil for Hil and essentially neo-con in sheep’s clothing.

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AI color bigotry….

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