Wittes-less, always a kind word for murder in the “national interest”

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Another US criminal war of aggression against a non-threat to either US nationals or US soil

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The Lawfare site is constantly entertaining, if chilling, as it eagerly embraces lying and violence, yet has “law” in its name.

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here it is giving air time to serial liar… John Brennan.


When people fear you are poisoning them…. get the government to help you deceive them

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Lobbyists are criminals here along with their co conspirators legislators.

Doing something both “parties” can agree on.


Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Association are “modern” rights…

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China is not yet a country governed by a “modern” political gang.

Seasoned Rights Activist Hu Shigen Jailed for 7.5 Years

War crimes and torture don’t interest Benjamin Wittes… perhaps medical experimentation on humans would.

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An example of the repellent nature of limited liability companies [artificial beings] mining humanity for value

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Nowhere in this is mentioned the likely Chinese government role which, I would guess, and its a guess, was to protect workers. The attitude here is how to gouge as much value from workers while returning as little back to them for their work. All the while limited liability companies receive and enormous subsidy in “limits to the liability” of the owners. This subsidy is never ever ever mentioned. The corporate structure [which relieves owners of personal responsibility/liability past their initial investment but doesn’t prevent enormous gains of value with the value coming from workers, not the investment] allows these monsters to predate on humanity while not actually “producing” anything.


I see Clinton II as a greater danger to the world and a lesser danger to Americans with Trump being a greater danger to Americans and a lesser danger to the world.

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I see Clinton II as a greater danger to the world and a lesser danger to Americans with Trump being a greater danger to Americans and a lesser danger to the world. So it isn’t so much greater/lesser as differently greater/lesser which makes the selection difficult. Clinton II gives “good court” and a deranged war-based foreign policy and war with Russia/China/all the Islamic countries and she’s competent enough to steer the US into continual wars. Trump can’t steer a bicycle so far less chance of international war. Trump has the Klan/Nixon/Reagan vocabulary and a remarkable history of failing at everything he attempts. So Clinton is likely to get done what she wants to do [domestically ok, worldwide she’ll be a disaster for countries that don’t do the US bidding]. Trump can’t organize anything so he will spout a lot and not accomplish anything. Which is better? Fairly competent half evil or totally incompetent possible total evil? Which is safer and for whom? Trump is a louder but incompetent Bush II while Clinton is simply a more politically skilled Birch Evans Bayh III in a skirt. I’ve become somewhat of a “world voter” in the sense that the Empire is destroying the world one country at a time and the Empire needs to fail and go home and Trump is just the guy to put in charge of something if you want that something to fail. But that’s a fucked up view also. Finally, we have been put in this position of having to select between two differently evil/bad/untrustworthy lying politicos. We are the victims being asked to select which victimhood we want. That’s why I’m reading Arendt again because in a fucked-up evil system every decision may be part of putting someone on the train to the camps.

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