I am more concerned about “my” government’s murder around the globe

July 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

than whatever damage a reactionary supreme court can do. There are a couple of facets. The USG executive branch [in partnership with the legislative branch and unopposed by the judicial branch] is murdering foreigners in their own country. A reactionary-dominated US judicial branch will only oppress/harm/enslave/continue the enslavement of US nationals/residents. That’s okay. Let US beasts feed on US prey. Keep it in the house. Syrian civilians pose no immediate or long term or any threat to US nationals/residents. Clinton II is a demonstrated, dyed-in-the-wool killer, [consider Ricky Ray Rector] with many past war crimes and clear signals of intent to engage in criminal wars of aggression on foreign civilians. Trump doesn’t have the body count. He has no body count. Since they are both liars but one is a killer. Then the “best” bet is vote for the liar, not-yet-murderer and not vote for the liar, already-a-murderer who has given clear signals of eagerness to murder [okay, “arrange the murder” since she’s not going to “pull the trigger” merely order someone to “pull the trigger” oops Nuremberg.] If I’m wrong on Trump and he becomes a killer, still no worse off and there was a chance [however small, weak, and fleeting] that he wouldn’t become one.

Then I wouldn’t have knowingly voted for a war criminal/murderess and whatever damage is inflicted on populations is more likely limited to the US population, which seems fair since it’s their own fucking government.

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