Were the government and we are always “right”. court agrees

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If you wear Nike shoes, you are walking on worker blood

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Talking to Nike’s Knight About ‘Entrepreneurial Edge,’ Worker Abuses Are Beyond the Pale

The Western Corporate Press always working on a war

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and has been since just before the Americans stole the Spanish empire at gunpoint in 1898.


What was suspected was/has been/is true

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The Saudis were behind, beside, between and in front of 911.

“The Saudi ambassador funded two of the 9/11 hijackers through a third party,” Guandolo said. “He should be treated as a terrorist suspect, as should other members of the Saudi elite class who the US government knows are currently funding the global jihad.”



Washington Creeps unite for Hastert Sentencing

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Click to access Letters-in-support-of-Dennis-Hastert.pdf



I don’t believe her mumbling non-apology about Iraq

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if she was “fooled” by Bush-Cheney, she’s unqualified.

if she wasn’t she’s disqualified.

“Boots on the ground” = “Bodies in the Ground” and usually innocents

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US and Europe’s wars on the world is just more Western imperialism. Their country? Their problem. Not our problem.. Leave it alone.

The Bush-Obama- and soon to be Clinton War

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on the other side of the planet and for no good reason and with no possibility of “success” as there is no “definition” of success unless the success is being at war [a business success for some but a disaster for those warred upon and those paying for the war…. continues.



The DNC isn’t much different from the RNC

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it’s just differently corrupt….

Ms. Wasserman Schultz slipped up in a media interview and admitted, “Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”



If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the Democratic nomination, the influence wealthy and corporate lobbyists have on the Democratic Party will only get worse—until either the leadership or Democratic voters do something about it.

The bag people have one and a half parties…. want both parties. They have one, the RNC and Clinton II. the corruptionists war criminals.

Sooner or Later the DNC Will Have to Face Its Corruption Issues

It’s always amusing to see hypocrisy in work

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These two US politicals feign concern about ‘democratic’ rights…. but only outside the US.




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