Were the government and we are always “right”. court agrees

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If you wear Nike shoes, you are walking on worker blood

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Talking to Nike’s Knight About ‘Entrepreneurial Edge,’ Worker Abuses Are Beyond the Pale

The Western Corporate Press always working on a war

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and has been since just before the Americans stole the Spanish empire at gunpoint in 1898.


What was suspected was/has been/is true

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The Saudis were behind, beside, between and in front of 911.

“The Saudi ambassador funded two of the 9/11 hijackers through a third party,” Guandolo said. “He should be treated as a terrorist suspect, as should other members of the Saudi elite class who the US government knows are currently funding the global jihad.”



Washington Creeps unite for Hastert Sentencing

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I don’t believe her mumbling non-apology about Iraq

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if she was “fooled” by Bush-Cheney, she’s unqualified.

if she wasn’t she’s disqualified.

“Boots on the ground” = “Bodies in the Ground” and usually innocents

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US and Europe’s wars on the world is just more Western imperialism. Their country? Their problem. Not our problem.. Leave it alone.

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