A speech Cruz could/would/did give but Clinton II did give

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but by Clinton II…

Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech to AIPAC


Assuming she believes these falsehoods, that disqualifies her as delusional.

Assuming she doesn’t, that disqualifies her as unprincipled and lying.

Either way, no vote. There may be no “lesser evil” in 2016.


This is more ominous [or enlightening] than I can

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This is more ominous [or enlightening] than I can presently say. I think it tells/indicates/points/beckons the direction.

There is something terribly feral about “machine” intelligence. Notice it didn’t head towards the light, and the good. this needs more meditation to comprehend.


Microsoft’s TAY AI Chatbot transforms into Hitler loving, sex promoting robot

The USG –all war, all the time, but if you

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fight back. the USG will criminalize you.

If you push someone enough they push back.


Those currently in power in the US are arrogant arsonist anarchists who superstitiously believe there will be no comeuppance.


Brave, small, democratic, surrounded endangered Zionist Israel… isn’t

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Brave, small, democratic, surrounded endangered Zionist Israel… isn’t any of these things except Zionist. when your God give you a claim to territory murder of non-tribe members is simply part of god’s writ…..

The US bombs…. China builds….

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An example….


A shout out for Anonymous.

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I was going to write about how clueless this “leadership” FBI, SS, media, Trump is but it seems a perversion of the meaning of the term “leadership”. Behavior is truth.

” Anonymous just pulled a fast one on Donald Trump, his campaign staff, the Secret Service, and the FBI — in one brilliant and telling fell swoop.”

The most effective trap there is is the one you set for yourself.



USG, world war arsonist firestarter…

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Troubling Thoughts for the Day…. body counts

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Ted Kaczynski— 3 dead and 23 injured

Obama- uncountable number of dead and injured in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine

Bush II – Ditto in Iraq and Afghanistan

Clinton I-Ditto Yugoslavia

Bush I-Ditto Iraq

Reagan-Ditto Nicaragua; Angola; Mozambique; Panama


Nixon-Ditto Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos,

Johnson-Ditto Vietnam…




“Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

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“Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”


A student [who happens to be a foreigner] sends an “unfortunately” worded tweet about a presidential candidate who invites violence be done on US nationals attending the candidate’s political rally. The student is pressurized into “voluntarily” deporting.


The tendrils of fascism and tyranny are small and spread widely.



The Fruit of Clinton II’s handiwork…. Ukraine

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Of course these bodies go on other people’s murder card also.

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