Unreadability… pomo-style.. Deconstructing an elaborynth of empty words.

January 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Jargon camouflaging something, unclear what is being concealed as nothing is revealed.

Hard to take seriously in light of the time spent clawing meaning out of this trash of words gyre.

Is it any wonder it isn’t read and though verbalizing [incorporeally?] a call to progressivism all the time spent reading it is [corporeally] subtracted from the time available to actually [corporeally] doing something.

Writing clearly is difficult. Which is why I don’t do much of it.

“Facebook Bras and #digitalharems: Fantasies of Mimesis and the Transgressions of Aliaa Elmahdy and Amina Sboui”

“This article presents a horizontal reading of Aliaa Elmahdy’s and Amina Sboui’s
corporeal interventions alongside the efficacy of digital platforms in order to consider how algorithmic and normative protocols related to content filtering on social media amplify certain forms of political communication while prohibiting others.”

I argue that readings of Elmahdy’s and Sboui’s bodily politics through the lens of liberal feminism rely on what I call discourses of mimetic networking, where particular mediated events become reterritorialized as part of an archival knowledge of ‘Arabness’. This is done through the organization of data via hashtagging and content moderation, and through rhetorics of techno-optimism that mirror ‘first contact’ narratives which gender, racialize, and flatten complex and fluid engagements with new media in non-US/European contexts. The article concludes with a consideration of how the persistence of their corporeality relays with both normative and programmatic parameters online to make alternative visions of communication possible.”

Translation rounds. Identify the subject and predicate:

A [this article] presents B [a reading].

Examination of ornamentation round of translation replacing hard things like nouns and verbs while leaving in “soft” things like conjunctions and prepositionals

“A Bs a C of E’s and F’s G  alongside the H of I in order to J how  K and L Ms Ned to O on P to Q certain Rs of S while Ting U.”

Deconstructing an elaborynth of empty words.

Insider language makes it difficult to readily comprehend.

“horizontal reading” compares to what a vertical, diagonal, orthogonal reading?

“corporeal interventions” cf. incorporeal intervention?

“efficacy” using what measure of efficacy in light of what is being attempted.

“algorithmic and normative protocols” from who?

content filtering [oh, you mean censorship]

on social media amplify certain forms of political communication while prohibiting others. [oh you mean censorship, censorship]

Some write to illuminate, others write to obscure. This seems calculatedly opaque.






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