Sports builds character again

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Another’s Words are the title “Freeing the World to Death”

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Resolved: The USG is, presently, the greatest human threat to human freedom and peace on the planet.

The list is too long to repeat. Begin with asking Black Africans and Native Americans and ends now in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine…

The USG body count, as in murder because killing someone, who isn’t threatening you, is murder post 1946 is probably the greatest. Possibly since 1953, or 1965, or 1975, or 1989, or pick a date.

myths about the Hawaiian’s Kingdom and the US

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US Foreign Policy, aka The Murder Squad

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in action.

This isn’t war, it is murder.

Unsurprisingly, lyingly, denyingly…. murdering doctors

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Why imperial wars should be avoided… Countenancing child sexual slavery

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Deadly “seriousness” “silliousness” USG’s empire

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