Deep Face and data and the death of privacy

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Robb hits a rifle home run here.

Risible ‘Riting’ with Chinese Characteristics

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“As we all known, Chinese is one of the richest and most developed language of the most beautiful language in the worlds. Chinese has a long history. It is has 6000 years history, and the history are more ancient of Chinese.

Language as a result of social production, also with the social development to developing in the course of history. Chinese has become a rich vocabulary, structure concise, sound harmonious and beautiful language during its long history. Linguists generally considered that simple wording, grammar symmetry, sentence flexible, sonorous tone, is the normal character of the Chinese language.”






The USG has no standing to complain about the

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behavior of officials of other governments when it countenances and immunizes torturers. It is no better than any other tyrannical regime.


Statement on the United States’ Engagement with the Universal Periodic Review Process (UPR)

Sometimes “stupid” doesn’t capture the moment or the man

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Common sense is a cover for all types of thoughtless bigotry.

Naifs on Parade “engaging” Zionism hasn’t “worked”

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and shows no signs of ‘working’ for anyone except the Zionists. It’s like talking with a robber while he empties your pockets, wallets, and home.

the sharpest response.

Full of Shit Watch– Billy Kristol as entertaining but not as funny as Billy Crystal?

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This is Billy Crystal, an intentional comedian who is funny.


This is William [Billy/Billy] Kristol  an unintentional comedian who is not funny.

A Lie of the first magnitude

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“But a lie of this magnitude is the first.”

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