There are Democrats, and Socialists and “Third Wayers”

October 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

Third-wayers are Republican-lite who are not mentally ill like their Republican-heavy allies are.

Third Way has nothing to offer anyone who considers themselves an American Democrat.

Third Way is a shill for the corporates who are not American in any patriotic way.


There is nothing at all fresh in “Third Way” approaches. Republicans from the 1950s would be very comfortable with them.


Including its incredible “whiteness”.

These pages

contain, by my count, 49 photos. Containing a grand total 2 photos containing of 3 African Americans. [one is Obama which hardly counts]

Class pictures tell us about the class.

“Did Mr. Daley have anything to say about all of the American factories that closed or the millions of American jobs that were lost because he pushed NAFTA through Congress,” Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs asked. Third Way supports President Obama’s highly controversial TPP agreement.


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