Mercenaries in the Schools armed with lobbyists will steal

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by taking value and giving no value.

So do we…. Iran’s president trolls the hell out of the GOP candidates: ‘People of Iran see them as a form of entertainment’

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Iran’s president trolls the hell out of the GOP candidates: ‘People of Iran see them as a form of entertainment’

Disastrous U.S. and Jordanian policies

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Disastrous U.S. and Jordanian policies—grouping Islamic radicals together in prisons, dismantling the Iraqi Army, disenfranchising Sunni tribal leaders—enabled his ascent. After the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan, Zarqawi fled to northern Iraq, where Saddam Hussein’s secular, Ba’athist regime, though holding limited control of the region, still took active measures to root out Islamist radicals which it saw as a threat. Yet Colin Powell, in his U.N. speech justifying the invasion of Iraq, made Zarqawi’s presence in the north central to his arguments, alleging that his presence proved the Iraqi regime had granted al-Qaeda a sanctuary. Of this tenuous logic, Warrick writes, “It was like claiming that America’s twenty-second president, Grover Cleveland, had ‘harbored’ Geronimo, the famed Apache chieftain of the frontier West who attacked settlers and Blue Coats from his base along the U.S.-Mexican border.”

Marion County judicial “elections” are gone now. The next step would be to challenge the remaining judicial

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election structures in Indiana under the Indiana Constitution as violative of various provisions regarding statewide uniformity of election laws and no special local legislation. It has been my contention since I first thought about these things, in the 1980s that the “special” style elections were always about disenfranchising African Americans and Democrats….




Electable Lesser Evils, Aren’t either.

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Remember Dukakis, Kerry et al? The dominant argument of their supporters on the left was that were “electable,” –a corollary to the law of the “lesser evil”. That’s because you need an “electable” candidate to be the “lesser evil,” and leftists are by definition “not electable.”
This election season, Hillary is “electable” and touted as the “lesser evil” required to prevent the crazies from occupying the White House. Sanders is, of course, “unelectable” and so ineligible for “lesser evil” status.
But, again, remember, Dukakis and Kerry turned out to be “unelectable” as well.-mm

Not a “Christian” nation, never a Christian state

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Minnesota Dentists are not an endangered species

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