Don’t call us and we won’t call you. The USG and American hostages..

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Resolved: You are being lied to by the US Government about Cuba and the Ukraine

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Again the church….

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The road ahead….

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Tiny, weak, fragile, democratic Israel…..

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When a medical doctor/ trauma specialist is prevented from fulfilling his moral and ethical obligations to his patients in an alleged ceasefire, forced, in fact into violation of his Hippocratic oath,should the preventers be prosecuted under International Criminal law and is this indeed evidence of a crime against humanity? I would welcome international Medical Boards input into this extremely sinister situation- it could well be intended as precedent to further patient abuse throughout the world. It raises very serious moral and ethical issues for the entire Medical profession. – See more at:

There is little to disagree with here.

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War Crimes Continuing by Zionist Israel

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