Sports builds character or characters or something.

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But mostly it gives stupid people something to talk about and sound like they have a knowledgeable opinion.

“The majority (66%) of the rituals performed by fans involve wearing team jerseys or clothing with the team’s colors on them, though some fans report more creative apparel choices. One fan reports that he wears “a dirty pair of underwear … over my pants and then I put my jersey on.” [JAC: I weep for his wife—if he has one!] Roughly one-quarter (24%) of fans who report having a ritual describe some type of activity, such as dancing in a circle, sitting in the same seat, or talking to their television.”

The rich got that way by working harder is a lie. Great fortunes are based on great crimes

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Apple and Google are criminally-led organizations that conspire to suppress wages.

The US, where the gun is king.

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China pollution versus US pollution

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The next time you carp about China’s pollution, keep  in mind how much pollution [and honestly count what pollution] making a bomb pollutes, transporting a bomb pollutes, exploding a bomb pollutes.

The Bankruptcy Olympics

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If you want to bankrupt a country, give it the Olympics.

No species can exist in an environment

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made up of its own waste, but humans, being special, will try.

That’s “War Criminal Tony Blair”

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We are being lied to all the time.

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We are being lied to and manipulated all the time.

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