Some humans are unable to see, or recognize, colors

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They are called “color-blind”. Some humans are unable to recognize that certain facts mean certain things called ‘truths’. They are called ‘pathological’ liars. It seems that Romney, as a true representative of the current financial/banker/stock broker class which lineage goes back to Enron, then the Savings and Loan and back and back to the Great Depression, is unable to cognize truths. Hare writes about these creatures [to place them completely in the class  with ‘other’ humans is cladistically correct but morally suspect] that are not quite fully human in a work  titled “Snakes in Suits”. the current united states economic system incubates them just like humans incubate the aliens in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi noir classic. This is a rough draft thought but Romney seemingly cannot admit ever making a mistake and everything he has ever done has to be ‘right’ where have we seen this before? “W” the worst, most dangerous, president [chosen by the goons on the supreme court] ever.

Romney has already released all his tax returns

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He did it on 7 November 2012, retroactive to today. heh heh. He’s from Tralfamadore.

The US Droning about Freedom online contradicts its Droning of those wanting to be free from the US

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Resolution on the Promotion, Protection, and Enjoyment of Human Rights on the Internet

Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 5, 2012

Today, the UN Human Rights Council adopted by consensus a resolution with the message that there can be no division or double standard regarding human rights online. The landmark resolution makes clear that all individuals are entitled to the same human rights and fundamental freedoms online as they are offline, and all governments must protect those rights regardless of the medium.

The free flow of news and information is under threat in countries around the world. We are witnessing an alarming surge in the number of cases involving government censorship and persecution of individuals for their actions online – sometimes for just a single tweet or text message.

This resolution is a welcome addition in the fight for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms online, in particular the freedom of expression, as well as the freedoms of religion or belief, assembly and association, and the right to be free of arbitrary interference with privacy.

The United States was proud to work with the main sponsor, Sweden, and over 80 co-sponsors, including Brazil, Turkey, Nigeria, and Tunisia, to help pass this resolution. We will continue to stand with our partners to address challenges to online freedom, and to ensure that human rights are protected in the public square of the 21st century.


They want you in the public square so you are more easily targeted.

Hilary is lying, she’s had spousal training.



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