The Godfather of Pedophilia Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger alias Pope Benedict XVI

April 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

If Monsignor William Lynn is on Trial, then Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger alias Pope Benedict XVI needs to be also. PHILADELPHIA — Graphic testimony in a Philadelphia clergy-abuse trial this month


has ripped open secret church files and reopened old wounds among Catholics as scarred men and women tell jurors that priests groped, molested or raped them as teens. The testimony has proven both painful and poignant, especially that of a 48-year-old man who said he had been in love with his parish priest during a five-year sexual relationship that began in ninth grade – and jealous when the priest allegedly bedded down at his farmhouse with other teens. The stories have been told before, in two Philadelphia grand jury reports and in lawsuits filed around the country. But Monsignor William Lynn’s decision to go to trial on child-endangerment charges stemming from his 12 years as secretary for clergy has brought the grand jury reports to life – and seemingly put the archdiocese on trial. The judge is allowing testimony about more than 20 accused but uncharged priests, because Lynn knew of complaints lodged against them or took part in internal church investigations. === How many did Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger know of around the world and remain silent about.

It is called the “United States Department of Justice” but the name is a lie, Part 1 of ?

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The degree, extent and pervasiveness of corruption in this Department astounds.

United States of Aggression? Assassination? Murder? You decide.

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CIA drone strikes have led to far more deaths in Pakistan than previously understood, according to extensive new research published by the Bureau. Some 175 children are among at least 2,347 people reported killed in US attacks since 2004. There are credible reports of at least 392 civilians among the dead.

‘The Obama administration must explain the legal basis for drone strikes in Pakistan to avoid the perception that it acts with impunity. The Pakistan government must also ensure accountability for indiscriminate killing, in violation of international law, that occurs inside Pakistan,’
Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International

The study is based on close analysis of credible materials: some 2,000 media reports; witness testimonies; field reports of NGOs and lawyers; secret US government cables; leaked intelligence documents, and relevant accounts by journalists, politicians and former intelligence officers.

Iain Overton, the Bureau’s editor said: ‘It comes as no surprise that the US intelligence services would attack our findings in this way. But to claim our methodology is problematic before we had even published reveals how they really operate. A revelation that is reinforced by the fact that they cannot bring themselves to refer to non-combatants as what they really are: civilians and, all too often, children’.

 as many as 175 children have also been reported killed among at least 392 civilians.


There you have it. Remote control premeditated murder of children in a foreign country. Something the Nazis never did. Something the Soviets never did. Call it “Obamakill”.  

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