The Audacity of Hope. . . Obama folds . . . again.

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

But that is to be expected by someone who actively supported Joe Lieberman for re-nomination against a true progressive and seriously considered Birch Evans Bayh III, now a paid Fox commentator, for vice-president.

To fold, a verb. v. fold·ed, fold·ing, folds. A transitive verb 8. a. Informal To discontinue operating; close: They had to fold the company a year after they started it. As an intransitive verb: b. Games To withdraw (one’s hand) in defeat. 4. Informal. a. To give in; buckle: He never folded under pressure.

fold. n. 1. A fenced enclosure for domestic animals, especially sheep. 2. A flock of sheep.

See also: the intransitive verb “to cave in”: 1. to collapse; subside; 2. to yield completely, especially under pressure. To cave in: To fall in and leave a hollow, as earth on the side of a well or pit. To submit; to yield.


The phonied up debt ceiling crisis, folds to Tea Party

Single payer healthcare, folds to fraud err Insurance lobbying

Elizabeth Warren nomination, folds to fraud err Wall Street financial sector

Meaningful reform of Fraud Street  err Wall Street, folds to fraud err Wall Street financial sector

Guantanamo still open, folds to Republicans

Drug reimportation, folds to Big Pharma

I imagine that I have missed some.

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