Obama’s Risible Claim that “war” isn’t “war”

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

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Obama is beginning to never cease to disappoint. These are his lawyers’s nihilistic arguments that “war” isn’t “war”. Do a word search on how many times the word “war” appears in their argument. They give sophists a bad name. It is now time to no longer listen to his speech but watch his actions. He is becoming even more of a disappointment than the squalid Clintons. And we had such “hopes for the man from Hope” and such audacity from the man from wherever. He is audacious in that he shows an impudent lack of respect for law and order. He is now the leader of the party of political murders [the Democrats] while his opponents are merely the party of torture.

For a definition of “war”, one might go back closer to the founders’ time… say to Johnson’s or Webster’s definitions for war. Johnson’s [1755], which is quite serviceable, “The exercise of violence under sovereign command against withstanders.” It may seem sophomoric to rely on a dictionary meaning for a word when lives are being taken. War is the greatest crime and the genesis of so many other crimes. Has Obama turned himself into a war criminal by preparing for and waging a war of aggression? But we life in times when power tries to bleed meaning from words. Such denigration cannot be permitted. One is driven to the conclusion that he [and his gang] truly believe most of the people are mostly stupid most of the time. We should disappoint their expectations.

Lynch Mobs and Weiners

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

You’d think that someone with his last name would be cautious or did all the teasing as a child make him a reckless thrillseeker? So much public chatter. So much “excitement” while Libya; Iraq; Afghanistan; Yemen; Palestine etc. burn; Japan glows; the planet warms; and the rich in the U.S. eat the middle class.

I am “constitutionally” opposed to both lynch mobs [and pardons for the as yet unconvicted. Ford pulled the trigger too soon with permanent lasting damage to the republic in terms of power-elite class impunity. Obama is doing the same damage by immunizing torturers and their enablers but that is a pensee for another day] whether they carry a rope, a pen, or a keyboard and a nom d’net. So the clamor for Congressjerk Anthony Weiner to resign has been just so much background noise.

Now that it has been bubbling for a month or so it has become unavoidable. But, sometimes the lynch mob has the right person for the right reason and is using the right “rope”. The next time Weiner is  out “shaking” hands during a campaign one would have to ask “Where has that hand been?” or “Have I seen that hand on the net?”

As an aside, and I have no evidence, merely speculation, his behavior is so juvenile, so teenager, that one must wonder does he suffer from testosterone poisoning? Or, in light of his addiction to the gym, steroid use? Or, is his fratboy behavior explained by multiple causes? One of which is, if the news accounts are correct, unpleasant personality disorder. His staffers must be quite angry as their careers are now swirling the drain along with his. That’s enough for this nickel scandal.

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