Young Americans for Freedom,

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But I find this very amusing…
“A professor of plant sciences at Missouri, Craig Roberts, attended the speech and said he agreed with some parts, characterizing it as “very eloquent and energetic.”

for a plant, that is.

Disgust doesn’t quite say it all…

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Tom Perez Bombs Speech, California Dem Chair Tells Protesters ‘Shut the F**k Up’

A brightside of Trump…

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the happy thought occurs that Trump, being Trump, will crash. Am I mistaken or did he manage to bankrupt three casinos. Casinos, those are locations where the House, if it can do simple math, should never ever ever lose. Yet the ‘smartest guy in the history of the world’ [at least according to his own greatest self] failed. Three times. If he can fail casinos, he can fail the empire which though it once was is no longer the “House” which doesn’t lose. The empire hasn’t won one since 1945 unless you count Grenada and Panama as wins. Obama knowingly managed the empire and knowingly committed war crimes. Have you noticed that last four Clinton [smart if lacking good judgment in below the belt matters], Bush II, IQ of 90; Obama IQ 180; Trump IQ 100 [very high CIQ, Conman IQ,] it’s like a teeter-totter. Clinton, stalls on impeachment; Bush II, only war gets attention [levees certainly didn’t]; Obama, stalls after Healthcare; Trump, stalls at the gate via self-inflicted wounds. The US political system has finally rotted through. What looked like a wooden wall was just very good paint holding up a termite nest.

I find little to disagree with in this description of the USG beast…

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On the one side you have a rogue state and its powerless vassals; on the other you have a bastion of national sovereignty and a stickler for international law. And then there is one more toxic ingredient: the US itself has no national sovereignty. Its political system is a pay-to-play scheme that has been statistically proven to be nothing like a democracy: the popular will is virtually never reflected in public policy.

Dmitry Orlov posted
Venerating Stalin’s Ghost

Take his speech to Tibet and Xinjiang and test it.

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There is no more effective way to ‘de-authenticize’ culture than have a political appointment present.

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It is a measure of the unfreeness. Han culture, under the pervasive influence of the government strikes me as a shallow and unhappy thing. and is now doomed for the next period of time. what is called ‘public art’ in China is execrable. Uninspiringly conceived, ineptly designed, badly constructed, poorly maintained and universally ignored..

why did the US and Britain not direct more of their aerial bombing campaign to destroy the Nazi infrastructure?

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