In a totalitarian state, there is no such thing as an “NGO”… impossible by definition

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“This tension, in turn, carries significant implications for Chinese civil society, particularly the country’s social organizations — institutions roughly equivalent to NGOs, but that nonetheless experience a certain amount of state oversight and guidance.”


remove ‘state’, insert ‘party’…


The party will never allow capacity to be built because ‘the totality’ is to serve the ‘party’ which has a monopoly on ‘truth’ and ‘power’…

“However, social organizations continue to suffer from a lack of capacity building — that is, the ability to obtain and strengthen the skills, knowledge, and other resources needed to do their jobs properly and attain a certain autonomy from the state via sustainable self-management, governance, and finance. Capacity building usually requires money, but money alone does not make social organizations capable of sustained development.”



ours is a society where mass murder and violence are perfectly ordinary

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“Yet while ours is a society where mass murder and violence are perfectly ordinary and their expression in the most popular novels and comic books is accepted with aplomb, any love between two people which does not conform is attacked.”

Gore Vidal, United States-Essays, 1952-1992 (New York: Random House, 1993). 18-19

TFTD: Tenure creates intellectual cowards and sluggards; lifetime judicial appointments creates black-robed bullies.

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in 1948, three-quarters of a million Palestinian Arabs were forcibly evicted, with British backing, off their own land.

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Can anyone — enemy or ally — depend upon his word?

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Get a jeong, little doggy, get a jeong… her bigotry is less troublesome than her stupidity…

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How does one apologize for being stupid since it takes a certain amount of smarts which the person doesn’t have as that was proven by the bigoted statement in the first place. And there’s an element of science in apologies….

for whatit’s worth.

The six elements of an effective apology are:
1. Expression of regret

There’s no regret.
2. Explanation of what went wrong

Nothing went wrong. It happened just as planned.
3. Acknowledgment of responsibility

Happy to be responsible. this is intentional
4. Declaration of repentance

Even if she declared, few’d believe it.
5. Offer of repair

How do you uncall someone something?


6. Request for forgiveness

There’s no repentance…


She’ proudly a bigot. I’m unpersuaded by her explanations. She’s a Trump person.


attention learners of English…

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“the English language changes too quickly and is too vast to be completely catalogued.”

Steve Kleinedler