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“Inhaling oil into your lungs is extremely dangerous behavior that could result in death. That is probably the biggest message we can get out of this.”


—Thomas Eissenberg, who studies vaping at Virginia Commonwealth University, tells the New York Times about what’s behind a recent surge in severe lung ailments.

Amazon, Inc. modern slavery

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Hitler was encouraged by the West and defeated by the Russians…

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“…fascism already had a warm reception in the halls of British power. Winston Churchill swooned over Italy: “Their triumphant struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism renders a service to the whole world.” The effusion would continue and increase as Hitler proved his anti-communist bonafides.”


” Britain had publicly declared before the invasion [of Austria] that it would defend Austrian independence. But when confronted with Hitler’s aggression, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain soothingly replied, “I understand Germany’s desire for unification.”


The West kills more than the Taliban

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QFTD “I never thought the facial recognition process could be used in this way.”

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Capitalism cannot tolerate truth, Monsanto

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Emails Reveal Science Publisher Found Papers On Herbicide Safety Should Be Retracted Due to Monsanto Meddling

Amazon is just like the CPC-run PRC

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